What’s in a name?

If you’ve taken a look at this site, you might be wondering where the name came from. So I’ll tell you.

First things first, allow me to introduce myself. I am Hayley, lead designer and co-founder of Minimalist Hoarder Design.

In late 2015, I began reading up on and subscribing to minimalist concepts, namely asking myself whether an object “adds value” to my life. It was awesome! I fully loved embarking on a minimalist journey, and simplifying my collection of stuff down to what, to borrow a term from Ms. Kondo, “sparks joy”.

I largely continue to live my life in this way–my personal shopping (and spending), collecting, and storing habits have changed (fingers crossed) for good. You should see my dresser drawers–the file-folder-style storage is amazing. I can see EVERYTHING when I open a drawer!

Taking a minimalist approach to physical items is not a “one and done” project. It is, instead, an ongoing process. I regularly evaluate whether items in my home continue to add value. Perhaps a shirt was my favorite for a time, continued to serve me well for a while longer, but is no longer one that I reach for. So I donate it. I often have a small bag or pile targeted for donating. I sell larger or more valuable items like furniture or purses.

So then what about “Hoarder”? The hoarder, which I am neither by definition nor by clinical sense of the word, is the stuff-loving me. I really love stuff. I love looking for new stuff for myself, looking at other people’s stuff, purchasing new or vintage items…you get the idea.

The designer in me is both minimalist and hoarder. I create spaces that are airy and free from unnecessary items or clutter, but I scour brick and mortar stores, fairs, and the internet to find the perfect objects for the space. Often, I need to see an item in a space before I can decide whether it achieves functional, style, and emotional goals. So I tend to have a collection of items in my possession before I decide which one to use. The ones that don’t make the cut get returned or sold.

Yes, the name, like my relationship to physical objects, is a contradiction. If you’re with me on that, then you totally get it. Opposing approaches or compulsions to acquiring and keeping stuff. Black and white. A lot and a little. I am somewhere in the middle, not fighting the impulses, but allowing them to keep my approach balanced. A (beautiful) shade of gray.

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